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The St. Paul Lutheran Board of Education would like to recognize and commend Penny Randolph for 24 years of dedicated service to the St. Paul Lutheran Preschool. Penny began her journey as a preschool teacher and spent the last 11 years in the Director Role. Over the years, Penny has done an exceptional job of educating and sharing God's love with roughly 576 children. Penny has shown great devotion to the reputation of the preschool by caring individually for each one of these children. She not only cared for the child while in her classroom, but she also cared for their families especially when they were in need.


Penny was a champion for her children and her classroom in the Board of Education meetings. She advocated for what she felt was in the best interest of the preschool and especially for her students. Penny has taken great pride in her students and every year prepares and displays one of the top floats in the homecoming parade. She has helped install a sense of service to her students as well by planning field trips to the Food pantries and showing our youth that they can make a difference.

Every year is an adventure for her and her students as the school year goes on. Penny has done an outstanding job serving the St. Paul Lutheran Preschool for the past 24 years. Words cannot express the amount of gratitude we have for Penny and the commitment she has given to educate our youth and share this ministry with our community. We pray you have a blessed and beautiful retirement!


The St. Paul Lutheran Board of Education would also like to welcome Malinda Thompson as the new Director of our St. Paul Lutheran Preschool. Malinda has done an outstanding job as the preschool teacher for the past 3 years. Her efforts have shown great dedication to the reputable work that our St. Paul Preschool has to offer the young children of our community. Malinda steps into her role as the director with confidence and motivation to lead the preschool program.   With Malinda's education and experience, the Board of Education is also confident Malinda will help take our program into the future. Welcome to your new role! We are excited and hope to work with you for many years to come.




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Pastor Mat has also compiled a list of resources for you to stay connected to the word.

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Here is a cute coloring page/note your little one can send to a friend or family member.

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