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Mission At Home

Written by

Deaconess Maryann Hayter


   Every month the Mission at Home article provides tips on teaching the faith in our homes. Our children are our Mission at Home. We parents and grandparents are real, live, walking, and talking missionaries. This cannot be stated too boldly – it is a truth that must be shouted for all to understand. Although there are many tips and tools for this mission work, there is also a simple, basic, timeless strategy, which the apostle Paul teaches us in his letter to the Philippians. He says, in effect, “Copy me” . Look at what I am doing and copy me for the sake of your salvation. Whoa! Can you imagine that? Our twenty-first century minds tend to shun this idea, and we often awkwardly skip over this scripture

explaining away Paul’s words.  We don’t want to tell anyone what to do or say or believe, and we certainly don’t want to hold ourselves up as an example of how others should be. That just sounds conceited to our ears. How sin has corrupted our thoughts!

      Paul could say, imitate me, because he himself was imitating Christ. It’s like saying, imitate me and by so doing you are imitating Christ. He’s using his very life to point to Christ: Watch me and you’ll see Christ.

   How do you feel about people watching you? Our social media posts reveal that we are a society obsessed with having all eyes on us. Yet not really. Our social media posts don’t ordinarily capture our raw lives. How do you feel about people seeing your unedited life? What do they see? What does your life point to?


   The greatest tool in your Mission at Home arsenal is your life. You are being watched. And you will be imitated. How you spend your time, talent, and treasure will be observed by your little ones. What you say and how you behave point to something. Here are two examples:

  • If you never miss a Blues game on television and attend as many as you can afford in person; if you buy your child a Blues jersey just like yours and the both of you dress and cheer for the Blues; you’ve taught your child that being a Blues fan is an important part of life.
  • If you come to receive the gifts of God in the Divine Service only a few times a year or only when you’re not too tired or don’t have something else scheduled, you will have taught your child that receiving the gifts of God is not an important part of life.

   Paul said imitate me and imitate all of those who walk according to the example of Christ. Now is the time! Be imitators of Christ for your little ones. If this article hits close to home, remember that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ. Easter this month reminds us that God is making all things new – continuously! Old and broken thoughts, ideas, and habits do not rule us. We are made new by the washing of the Holy Spirit in our baptisms and His dwelling in us every day. Repent, and be healed and walk in the newness of life in Christ. Your little ones will see the difference. To God be the Glory!                                  


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