Threads is a group that meets every second and third Thursday of the month, from 6-8p.m. We crochet and knit items to give away. We started with 7x9 inch blocks crocheted or knitted by many different people. Then as a group we set the blocks together and made afghans to give away. We need more blocks and yarn so we can continue making afghans and giving them away.

              We have given a total of 55 afghans away as of today. This took over 1400 blocks. Many of these have been given to members of our congregation, friends and family members of our congregation, the Alaska Mission VBS, the Appalachian servant event, and Pregnancy Assistance in Washington.

              We have branched out to making other crocheted items to give away. We have donated hangy towels to LWML bake sales, cocoons, baby beanies and baby afghans for Alaska VBS, we have also donated items to the Country Kitchen. This year's Country Kitchen will have may items made by our threads group. This is just a few: knitted dish cloths, hangy towels, crocheted coat hangers, coasters, hot pads, knitted fireplace stockings, baby beanies, baby afghans, carseat afghans, and other items. We have also made cancer hats and purple flowers for LWML Sunday.

              We hope you can find time to join us, whether you crochet or not. We are starting a special project after the first of the year. We have thread and a pattern ready to make a crocheted Log Cabin afghan. It will take 36 blocks to make this afghan. We are making it to donate to the Country Kitchen next year. Need more information, talk to Julie Springer, Theresa Wehmeyer, or Sarah Pope.

              We want to thank everyone who has helped in anyway with our Threads group, without all of you, we could not do this. Come see us on Thursday evenings in the Quilters room on Thursday evenings, God Bless.


Threads group

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