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History of Our Church

     St. Paul Lutheran Church was founded on January 16, 1921, when a group of men met at the home of Edwin Hoemann to organize a Lutheran Congregation in Union. On March 17, 1921, a ground-breaking service was held for building the first church on Christina Street in Union, with the church dedication taking place on June 26, 1921. (Edwin Hoemann's home is pictured on left.) St. Paul was received as a voting member of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, at the Western District Convention on June 28, 1928.


     The first child baptized was Gertrude Leonora Mata Helling, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Helling, on March 9, 1921. The first baptism in the newly dedicated church was that of Neola Emilie Elizabeth Hoemann on July 3, 1921. Now Mrs. Emil Poertner, she remains a member of St. Paul.


     Ground-breaking services for the remodeling and enlarging of the original church building were held on March 16, 1952. The building project was completed in November. The cost of the addition to the church and the painting of the parsonage amounted to $25,470. A new electronic organ was also purchased at this time at a cost of $2,185. Additional property was purchased at 208 W. Springfield Ave on February 1, 1960, as the building site for the present church. Ground breaking was held on November 10, 1963, with the completion of the new church on September 1, 1964. An education wing was added to the church in 1992. A new kitchen, board room, and additional education wing was completed in 2002.


History of our Sunday School

     St. Paul Sunday School has enjoyed a rich history of teaching the little children of their Lord and Savior.  In 1992 the Sunday School moved into the new education wing and then expanded to another wing in 2002, which has allowed for a quality teaching atmosphrere.  The mission of the Sunday School is the same as it was 90 years ago - to share the love of Christ with every child through teaching as well as witnessing that love in every teacher. 


History of our Preschool

     The St. Paul Lutheran Preschool program opened in the fall of 1987 with an enrollment of five children.  The mission of the preschool is to let the children know of Jesus' love and to provide an enjoyable and educational group experience as a groundwork for future learning.  Kris Berger was the original director and, initially, the only teacher.  In 1993, a second teacher, Sharon Fraker, was added to handle the additional students.  Penny Randolph took over as a teacher for Sharon in 1997 and in 2009 she became the Preschool Director.  Kathy Schmidt eventually came on board as a preschool teacher when Kris Berger retired in 2009.  The preschool has an enrollment of 48 children and is open to members and non-members.


History of LCMS

     The Missouri Synod emerged from several communities of German Lutheran immigrants during the 1830s and 1840s. In Indiana, Ohio and Michigan, isolated Germans in the dense forests of the American frontier were brought together and ministered to by missionary F. C. D. Wyneken. A movement of Confessional Lutherans under Martin Stephan created a community in Perry County, Missouri, and St. Louis, Missouri. In Michigan and Ohio, missionaries sent by Wilhelm Löhe ministered to scattered congregations and founded German Lutheran communities in Frankenmuth, Michigan, and the Saginaw Valley of Michigan.


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